• Kim Kimbrough

I've got some news, and it ain't gouda...

As many of you may have heard, dozens of agricultural products imported from the E.U. will now face a 25% tariff. I'm talking all the good stuff - from Spanish olives and French wines, to Scotch whiskey and British biscuits.

But most devastating of all are the European cheeses - this includes cheeses that are or contain the following: cheddar, Italian-type cheeses, Swiss/emmentaler, romano, reggiano, provolone, provoletti, sbrinz, goya, Stilton, blue-veined cheese (except for roquefort), colby, sheep’s cheeses, and more. Without getting into the politics of it all, let's just say this tariff stinks - like a big ole chunk of Limburger.

Over the weekend I stopped in a local cheese shop, looking for truffle brie, and was informed that, as a result of the tariff, the price would soon jump from $50/lb to $100/lb!! [Yes, that is more than 25%, but think about the increased shipping costs due to ordering less product, along with the price increase from the distributor for the same reason - it all adds up pretty quickly] While this means we may have to live without some of our favorite foreign fromages (or at least enjoy them sparingly) for a while, domestic providers will have the opportunity to shine. From Beehive Cheese in Utah, Cypress Grove in California, and just about every cheese creamery in Wisconsin, the US knows a thing or two about good cheese,so fear not! I'm excited to support more local businesses and discover all the cheesy greatness our country has to offer.



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