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Provide your guests with essential information


2019 has been a revolving door of friends and family staying at the house, and the "Martha" in me has loved every minute of it! I like to plan out each visit ahead of time and try to make my guests feel at home. Those closest to you will always tell you everything is "great" though, so I take their feedback with a grain of salt. I find I can learn more by observing guests' behaviors and feelings to pick up on what works and what doesn't. I then try to apply what I have learned to make the next guest's stay more enjoyable.

I've noticed that when guests come to stay, the first thing they always ask is "can I have the WIFI password?" Grandma doesn't even want her iced tea until she's connected, and she has 2 Kindles and a cell phone! Unfortunately, I have an extensive network name/password combo (that I will never commit to memory, or figure out how to change), and the information is listed on the router on the second floor - meaning I'm shouting it down three or four times before everyone successfully types it (correctly) into all the electronics they brought. I know, I know, "first world problems", but some of you were nodding your head in agreement, and for that, I thank you.


A framed and personalized welcome with essential information, displayed in each guest room.

When I first designed this frame, before my parents visited, I only included WIFI information. A few weeks later when four of my husband's college friends and their wives came to stay, I knew the weekend would consist of multiple cars, sleep schedules and activities, so more details would be necessary.

The frames were a huge hit! One of the guys took a picture of the frame in his room, which came in handy when he and his wife locked themselves out of the house, forgetting the car keys inside. They were able to reference the front door code and retrieve the keys without hassle. When he told me this, I could have done a back flip I was so pleased with myself!

The information can easily be adapted to fit each guest and their stay, and will help keep you from playing "20 questions" every time someone arrives. I used a $5 frame I found at TJ Maxx, making this one of the best inexpensive DIYs.

Additional information you can consider including:

-TV instructions

-garage door code

-what time breakfast is served

-what time happy hour starts

-a note of appreciation

I also like to personalize each guest's stay with a few extra treats, as you can see in the photo above, but I'll get into that more in another post.



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