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5 Simple Steps to an unforgettable Bachelorette weekend

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Pop the champagne, she's changing her last name!

Brides, whether you will be involved in the planning or your MOH is taking the reins, these steps will help ensure you have the perfect weekend with your best girls, as you celebrate your journey from Miss to Mrs!

Step 1: Snag accommodations in the perfect location

Think about the type of vibe and activities you want for your weekend. Do you seek sandy toes and the calm of the ocean? Are bright lights and blackjack tables calling your name? Is it a life of luxury you want to live? Once you nail down what you are looking for, you can select the perfect location. Between hotels and Air BnBs you should have plenty of options to fit your size party in the area you desire. Don’t forget to consider budget – you don’t want to be sitting on a white sandy beach in Ibiza sipping Rum Runners alone because your friends couldn’t afford to come, do you?!

Step 2: Choose a theme and hashtag(s)

Everyone knows girls love a theme party - we can't help it, it's coded into our DNA - and the opportunity for an entire themed weekend literally makes our hearts explode glitter! Your destination will likely be a large factor when considering the theme. Also, think about how you can work in coordinating outfits, games, food and drink, and décor.

Last Flamingle Suns Out Buns Out Taco Bout Love

Your hashtag can incorporate things like your name, future married name, groom’s name, bachelorette destination, theme, etc. Open a bottle of wine and start a group text and let the brainstorming begin. (I find the best hashtags are created whilst a little tipsy!) If you get a jump on this early, you can showcase your hashtag on your swag!

Step 3: Get that SWAG

All your best gals have traveled (possibly by plane) to celebrate with you this weekend, so make sure to show them how much you love and appreciate them! Make your tribe stand out with cute shirts, hats, cups, towels, flower crowns, gold foil tattoos, beach bags, tumblers – it’s a great way to incorporate your theme and spice things up. Etsy and Amazon have thousands of items at reasonable prices, so go ahead and spoil those ladies.

Step 4: Itinerary Planning

Have an itinerary planned for the weekend – I break mine down hour by hour (crazy? maybe, effective? absolutely!), but a lose outline will do just fine. Choose at least one day time activity for everyone to participate in. The activity does not have to be over the top and can be as simple as a picnic on the beach, or a historic walking tour. However, if you’re looking to go all out, then the world is your oyster. From boat rentals and lavish pool parties, to massages and blowouts, bachelorette parties are a great excuse to #yolo with your besties, because who knows if and when you’ll get an opportunity like this again!

5) Stock up on snacks

Make sure your accommodations are stocked full of all the snacks and drinks you might need. Although some meals may take place out of your lodging area, simple breakfast items (for those early risers), booze (to get the party started), late night munchies (to shut the party down) and bottled water or Gatorade (for the those riding the struggle bus Sunday morning) will be welcomed by all. If someone lives close to your bachelorette destination, see if they would be willing to do the shopping before guests arrive, that way you can maximize your time together.

Hostess Tip

Reach out to those who cannot attend to see if they would still like to chip in!

(This job is best suited for a sibling or MOH who will be attending, not the bride herself)

A bottle of wine upon arrival or a champagne toast at dinner are some of the most common gestures and go a long way. For my bachelorette party, my sister reached out to close family members, girls who couldn't attend and even my fiancé, who funded champagne and snacks upon arrival to our hotel and a few bottles of wine at dinner! It was completely unexpected and a nice way for them to be a part of the weekend.

(Bonus, it lowered the budget for those who did attend)

Phew! That was a lot of information, but don't be overwhelmed - just take the planning one step at a time and remember to use your resources (friends, family, Pinterest, Amazon, Etsy, local planning companies, etc.) I'm also happy to make suggestions and lend a hand, so feel free to reach out in the comments or on IG.



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