• Kim Kimbrough

Stop and smell the flowers

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Can you believe it, we are officially past the halfway point of 2019! This year has been filled with the highest of highs, like traveling to Japan and my brother's wedding - but I also experienced an extremely low point back in April with the the passing of my 13 year old Siberian Husky, Jackson, the sweetest most handsome pup in the world.

Usually the months sneak by and the next thing you know it's "pumpkin spice everything" season again and I've gotten one year farther away from being able to hold my alcohol without a hangover. But this year, I challenged myself to be more present - to put my phone down, to get wrapped up in emotion, to give myself a break, and to face every day with a positive outlook. I am not surprised it's July because when I look back on these last 6 months I have vivid memories, not just iPhone photos, and I've learned to grow from difficult experiences rather than bury them away.

Additionally, it has been quite freeing to cut myself a break and focus more on "me". I am my harshest critic and at the end of the day, if I don't meal prep for the week, or get to the gym, the world will continue turning, my husband will still love me and nothing will explode. It is amazing the pressures we put on ourselves and the joyful moments we willingly give up to reach a high level of expectation that was only set by ourselves to begin with. It is ok if you don't have it together 100% of the time, it is ok to be content in your current stage in life and it is ok to give in to those joyful moments and leave the dishes for tomorrow morning.

Did you just feel a weight lifted? Can you breathe easier? I've always heard people say this kind of thing, but actually coming to the realization on my own and feeling it wash over me was pretty incredible. Time to get to smelling roses!

With my new found self-focus, I've gone full steam ahead in following my dream of opening a small business selling my cheeseboards. I don't have any kids yet, I am content with my day job, and I'm getting really good at leaving the dishes for tomorrow - so this is my time! I feel energized and excited and know that while this venture is sure to have it's ups and downs, my passion for food styling and drive to succeed makes it all worth the risk.

I appreciate the support you have shown and I look forward to chronicling of this next crazy chapter!


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