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Updated: Sep 23, 2019

A few years ago, my sweet friend Jordanna hosted a Favorite Things party. The rules were simple, each attendee brought one of their "favorite things," valued at $10 or less, and we took part in a gift exchange. I love the power of a recommendation and to this day, I still use the dry shampoo I received at our first party. This theme has become a fun tradition for our group, so if you're looking to switch up your next girls night in, I highly encourage you to host a Favorite Things party!

Below are my top 15 favorite things, under $15, to get you started! (Note, I've increased the budget to $15 to accommodate for inflation)

1) Crossbody Bag - $14.98 (Amazon)

This item showed up on my Christmas gift guide as well because I absolutely love it! I have it in 3 colors and will likely purchase more, the bag is just that perfect. At under $15, this is a steal!

(free shipping with Amazon Prime)

2) Sephora Collection Rouge Cream Lipstick - $13 - (Sephora)

I purchased "Passion Red" for the holidays last year, but the deep color also lends itself nicely to late summer and fall. I suggest purchasing in-store and having one of the wonderful sales women help you choose the best color for your skin tone as the amount of options can be overwhelming.

3) Fleur Verte - $12.50 (Goat.Sheep.Cow - Charleston)

It's no surprise that cheese made the list and this creamy goat's milk cheese is too good not to share. Coated in tarragon and pink peppercorns, 1/2lb wedge comes in under budget and will elevate your next cheeseboard. I dare you not to fall in love.

4) Old Vine Zinfandel - $10.99 (Total Wine)

Where there's cheese, there must be wine! I came across this wine two years ago and now I am on a mission to try every wine that comes out of Lodi, CA. Never a fan of Zinfandels, I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth this wine was, with just the right amount of sweetness. It pairs very well with dessert, especially chocolate cake!

5) Bali shorts - $10.99 - (Walmart)

Thought not the official name, I call them this because these shorts are everywhere in the Bali markets. At 60,000 IDR (~$4.25 USD) a piece, you better believe I came home with 10 pairs! A few are for me and others are for occasions, such as a Favorite Things party, where I need a unique gift. These shorts are super comfortable and great for street wear, beach days, on the boat or just lounging at home.

(free shipping)

6) Essie "Mrs. Always Right" Nail Polish - $9.00 - (Ulta)

Never have I ever seen a nail polish name and color match up so perfectly. The name makes it a fun gift for brides and the color can be worn all year round. Bonus, the CVS around the corner from me always has this color fully stocked and with "CVS bucks" I can grab a bottle for around $7.

7) Thorlos Experia Low Cut Socks - $14.99 - (Zappos)

With extra padding in the balls and heels of the feet, these socks were a godsend on my trip to Japan. The low cut style is just the right height and the back of the ankle has enough coverage to keep blisters away.

(free shipping)

8) Avocado Slicer - $10 - (Bed Bath and Beyond)

My jaw literally dropped open when I watched "the avocado girl" at Verde split, pit and slice avocado after avocado. This tool is genius and I had to have it. I use my avocado slicer almost every day and I stand behind it 100%.

(don't forget your BB&B 20% off coupon)

9) Silicone Baking Cups - 24pk - $10.99 - (Amazon)

Currently, my favorite food to make these are egg muffins. Start with your sauteed veggies, layer in some meat, of course you need shredded cheese, then fill with liquid egg mixture (I go for 50/50 egg to egg white). Twenty minutes in the oven and I have grab-and-go breakfast for the week (ok, half the week if Robbie is home).

(free shipping with Amazon Prime)

10) Dalmatia Fig Spread - $5 - (Publix)

I am obsessed with figs and this is hands down the best fig spread I have found. I use it on most of my cheeseboards and people always comment on how delicious it is. I am now officially a fig spread snob...and you should be too.

11) Popsocket - $14.99 - (Amazon)

Don't you just love these things?! If they weren't so hard to take off (that's the point though, right) I would switch mine out daily. But eventually the design fades and when ti's time to replace I am like a kid in a candy store. A trendy and fun gift to give or receive.

(free shipping with Amazon Prime)

12) Silicone Spatulas - $8.99 - (Bed Bath and Beyond)

From scraping brownie batter out of the bowl, to scrambling eggs on the stove, I use these spatulas for everything. I honestly wonder why everyone doesn't have them and find it my duty to gift them any chance I get.

(don't forget your BB&B 20% off coupon)

13) Organic Herbal Tea "Throat Coat" - $4.99 - (Target)

Not just for a sore throat, I drink this tea all year round for the wonderful health benefits. Licorice root gives a hint of a sweet after taste that is pleasantly surprising, considering I don't like licorice.

14) Graphic Tee - $9.99

Yes, you read that price correctly, but no, I don't have it linked. I purchased this oh so comfy tee at a little shop on N Market Street in downtown Charleston. I can't remember the name of it, but as soon as I hunt it down I will link it here for all you locals to get your hands on. It is seriously the comfiest shirt I own and the lowest price I've seen for this particular graphic.

15) Sheet Face Mask - 4 pack - $8.44 - (Amazon)

Since entering my 30's I'm all about self-care. Face masks are my new best friend as they take little effort on my part and offer an array of options (moisturizing, black head reduction, etc). I'm still learning about the good and bad ingredients in face masks, but always try to choose an alcohol-free brand.

(free shipping with Amazon Prime)

With all these amazing products under $15, if you don't end up throwing a Favorite Things party at least you hopefully found a new item to treat yourself to!


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