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2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Happy Holidays, friends! Can you believe there are only 25 more shopping days til Christmas?? Don't panic, I've rounded up a mix of fabulous items that are sure to satisfy at least one of the girlies on your list! Many of these items I own, the others I put in my letter to Santa this year.

1. Grace and Grit Oyster Ornament

I first saw this ornament when shopping for a new couch at Celadon in Mount Pleasant. The display had a few of the embellishments wrapped around napkins on place settings and my focus immediately switched from living room to dining room. I began to envision early summer, light blue walls, cream colored china, a gentle breeze coming through the window and guests at my table. I definitely do not have an “eye for design”, but the ornaments inspired me and now I can’t picture my dining room any other way. Keep in mind, they can be used to adorn other spaces in your home, the possibilities are endless.

2. NordicWare Bundtlette Pan

What’s better than one bundt – six baby bundtlettes! (duh) Last year Santa brought me a full size NordicWare bundt pan and I absolutely love it. They use high quality material and the intricate design holds up every time. Individual bundlettes will make the perfect dinner party dessert, no matter which design you choose.

3. White Marble Wine Cooler

Simple and classic, this marble wine cooler is a functional and inexpensive option for a hostess gift, your secret Santa, or any wine lover.

4. Wildflower Scented Bath Petals

On my recent trip to Bali, I spent a half day at the most glorious spa and experienced my first flower bath. The event was so luxurious, so I am now on a quest to recreate that feeling. I came across these bath flower petals and although nothing will ever compare to the real deal, I hope these will be an enjoyable and less expensive stand in for real flower petals.

5. Bee Seasonal Honey

This suggestion comes straight from food stylist and cheeseboard extraordinaire @ainttooproudtomeg and has gained attention over the last few months. Not only are these honeys the perfect cheeseboard size (!) but the variety pack gives one the opportunity to sample 4 unique certified organic raw honey options. Bonus, each box comes with tasting notes and a few words from the master beekeeper. Double bonus, Meg will be sharing advice on flavor combinations and cheese pairings, from Bee Seasonal experts, over the next few weeks on her IG page.

6. Platters and Boards

If you’ve been following along, you know that ‘cheeseboards are my thing’ right now. This lovely book is inspiring and beautiful and I absolutely recommend it for anyone who loves to host or be in the kitchen. It was gifted to me by a friend and her thoughtfulness and effort to give a personalize item means just as much to me as the book.

7. PeachSkinSheets

Let me just start by saying that this company should give me a kickback for every person I have sent them! When I find a product I really like, I can’t stop talking about it, and this year, it’s PeachSkinSheets. I actually purchased my first set about two years ago, but I wanted to see how they held up before I began singing their praises. Two years, three sets and zero pulls later, I can happily say that I look forward to getting into bed every night because of these sheets. They are soft, lightweight and high quality, and for only $55 for ANY set size (“of the month colors”) they are a steal.

8. "It's A Ten" Leave-In Conditioner

For the longest time I used a fantastic leave in conditioner by Herbal Essence, but they stopped making it a few years ago. In my search for a replacement, I discovered "It’s a Ten" and have nothing but good things to say about the product. Not only does it help with frizz and smell delightful, it makes a great stocking stuffer.

9. Rosle Cheeseknife Set

Another suggestion from @ainttooproudtomeg and I know I can trust just about anything she says. Now that I’ve been exploring the world of cheese more, I realize how important it is to have quality utensils to achieve my intended styled outcome.

10. Pineapple Cocktail Picks

Is it just me, or were cocktails re-invented overnight? One day I’m drinking a Cosmo with a dainty lemon twist and the next I’m sipping on an herb-infused libation with muddled fruit, liquor I can't pronounce and a dehydrated blood orange wheel clothes-pinned to the side. Needless to say, it’s time we fall in line and revamp our at home bar service, and I guarantee these cocktail picks will elevate your spirits (pun intended)!

11. Cookie Stamps

Move over plastic shaped gingerbread men, there's a new star in the baking world. No more yelling at your dough through the oven window as you watch it lose its shape and turn into an unrecognizable blob. These cookie stamps create festive, elaborate designs that make your cookies almost too pretty to eat...almost.

12. Charleston Accent Pillow

Local artisan, Kelly, from Coastal Kelder, has a number of wonderful products in her shop, but I am particularly in love with this pillow that was gifted to me last year. I prefer to accent clean and simple spaces with unique décor items and Kelly hit it out of the park when she created this cover. It currently adorns my bed and accentuates the coastal theme.

13. Crossbody Bag

I purchased this crossbody bag a few days before my trip to Bali and boy am I glad I did. The bag was big enough to hold all of my essentials (cell phone, wallet, passport, chapstick, tissues, hair accessories, etc.) and then some – perfect for traveling or being on the go. With 33 colors to choose from, I’ve put 2 more on my own list and snagged a few as gifts for friends and family.

14. Pineapple Stamped Marble Coasters

Do these even need an explanation?! They’ve been on my list the last 2 years and no dice from Santa, so I may just have to put a little gift under the tree for myself this year. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

15. Black Marble Wine Cooler, Cheeseboard and Cheese knife Set

So this last item I'm actually filing under "gifts for him". Men can be hard to shop for, so I'm taking some of my own advice below and suggesting items that I personally use and love. The black color gives the items a more masculine feel, so even if you're also benefiting from this gift, it will still seem like it's all for him ;)

So, what do you think? Is there anything I missed that is a "must-have" for this season?! Drop me a comment and tell me what is on your list to the big man in red...



-Buy local when you can, it's a great way to support your community

-Shop early to reduce stress closer to the holidays

-Set a budget - spending more does not mean you care more - it truly is the thought that counts

-Not sure what to get? Think of gifts you have received that you really enjoyed or an item you personally use and love.

-Spread the joy and sponsor a kid or family in need

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!


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