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Party Planning: Woodland baby animal theme

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Friends of the forest have gathered to say,

a baby boy is on his way!


Baby shower #3 is in the books, and I must admit, this one turned out to be my favorite theme. Continue reading for all the details of the delightful afternoon spent celebrating mama-to-be and baby Banks, and what you'll need to style this event on your own.


Having been on a cheeseboard kick the last few months, I wanted to switch things up this time around, and once I discovered these chocolate acorns I knew I had to design a board around them.


Ideas for other items on the board quickly fell into place and were easy to source. I was super excited to make the S'mores cupcakes and topped them with a homemade chocolate buttercream frosting. I used a piping bag and tip from my new cake decorating kit and while I could definitely use more practice, adding mini marshmallows and a piece of chocolate to the top of the cupcakes, really

elevated the final look. Bonus, I cut the centers

out and filled them with marshmallow fluff!

Confession...I accidentally over-heated the chocolate I was using to make the bark and had to throw it away, so unfortunately it did not make it onto the board. But here is the super delicious looking cranberry-pistachio white chocolate bark recipe I was going to use that I will definitely attempt again this holiday season.


(Banner purchased from Etsy)

Although DIY takes more effort, it's worth it to give your party a personal touch and to be able to cater the event to the guest of honor.

I designed a game where guests had to provide the nickname for each baby woodland animal pictured (ex. a baby fox is called a kit!) It turned out to be harder than I thought, but still a hit, and fit perfectly with the theme. Little woodland animals adorned the bar and coffee table (and may or may not now be adorning my mantle at home...)

The bar was stocked with all the fixins for a mint and blueberry lemonade mocktail (add club soda for fizz), plus plenty of bubbles for those in need of a champagne cocktail. Paper straws are an easy way to continue the theme through the bar and are a staple at my events. You can read more here about why I love these party frills and where I purchase them.

Happy Trails - Guests were treated to not one, but two favors on their way out. The mama-to-be served up her sinfully delicious "crack corn" in addition to the individual bags of trail mix that were displayed in a beehive shaped basket.

I hear "it takes a village" to raise a child - well sometimes it takes one to throw a party, but our crew gets better with each milestone we celebrate and we are beyond excited to meet Banks in January!


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